Let us streamline your employee training for the upcoming year, saving you time and effort. Just share your employee details, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our service includes creating a tailored training plan to enhance efficiency and effectiveness within your business. We ensure that all staff certifications are current, eliminating last-minute rushes and ensuring smooth operations.

Trust Aurelia Operator Training to manage your training needs seamlessly, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business with peace of mind.

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Keeping staff’s certification & training is vitally important:


Machinery, by its nature, can be dangerous to operate. Without proper training and certification, operators may not be aware of safety protocols, potential hazards, or how to respond in emergency situations. Having a ticket ensures that operators have received the necessary training to operate the machinery safely, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

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CITB Health Safety & Environment

Legal Compliance

Operating machinery without the required certification may be a violation of legal regulations and workplace safety standards.

Many jurisdictions have strict guidelines and requirements for operating equipment, and not having the proper certification can result in fines, legal consequences, or even the suspension of operations.

Efficiency & Productivity

Proper training and certification help operators to understand how to use heavy machinery efficiently and effectively. This can lead to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

Skilled operators are also less likely to make mistakes that could cause delays or damage to the equipment.

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Insurance Purposes

Insurance companies may require operators to have the necessary certifications before providing coverage for accidents or damages related to the operation of heavy machinery.

Having trained and certified operators can help reduce insurance costs and ensure that claims are processed smoothly in case of an incident.

Professionalism & Quality

Employers and clients often prefer to work with operators who have the required certifications and training.

It demonstrates a commitment to professionalism, quality, and safety standards, which can enhance the reputation of the operator and the company they work for.

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