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As part of the recent acquisition by David Black & Son Ltd, Aurelia Training has injected substantial investment into Aurelia Training’s site, with a focus on upgrading their training infrastructure. Notably, the investment includes the installation of three state-of-the-art lesson cabins, meticulously designed and equipped to elevate the learning environment to unprecedented standards.

Among the newly established cabins is a sleek reception area, designed to welcome trainees with warmth and professionalism. Additionally, a cutting-edge main classroom has been set up, tailored to facilitate immersive and effective learning experiences. Complementing these, a modern back office has been integrated, ensuring seamless administrative support for the training operations.

Commenting on this, Aurelia Director Jay Hawes says “This investment in Aurelia Training’s facilities signifies David Black & Son Ltd’s unwavering dedication to customer experience enhancement. By revamping the training site, the company aims to provide trainees with an unparalleled learning journey, setting new benchmarks in operator training excellence.

This development is just a glimpse of the broader investment strategy envisioned by David Black & Son Ltd, with further enhancements and initiatives in the pipeline. As the company continues to prioritise customer satisfaction and service quality, more exciting updates are anticipated to follow in the near future.

About Blacks of Bacton:

The Black family began farming in Suffolk in 1898, when David Black Snr moved to Red House Farm in Bacton from Scotland and established an arable and dairy farm.

David Black & Son Limited was formed in 1956 taking on the farming operations of a partnership previously operated between the founders David Black Snr & his son, Thomas Black.

Over the years the family business has seen various diversifications and operated a number of different enterprises.  Bacton Pigs Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of David Black and Son Ltd, was formed in 1976 and continues to manage the pig business interests.  Alongside its 3,500ac arable operations managing its own and rented land, part of which is contract farmed for a number of clients, the company maintains both a residential and commercial property portfolio and is involved in joint venture developments.

Reappraisal of the main farm site at the turn of the century, led to planning permission being given for light industrial use of under-utilised farm buildings and the successful development of Bacton Business Park, a diversification into commercial space.  As a result, the site is now home to a number of non-related rural businesses, involved in cabin hire, bespoke container conversions, engineering, carpentry and leisure.

David Black & Son Ltd the holding company, for all the Blacks of Bacton operations, remains a committed family business owned by descendants of David Black Snr.  Members of the 3rd, 4th & 5th generations of the family currently serve as its directors.

The Group employs over 30 dedicated staff who contribute to its ongoing success and will now be joined by 8 employees who will now fall under the Blacks of Bacton umbrella.